Our story.

In the heart of the Abruzzo region, nestling amid hills and mountains, you will find the Azienda Agricola Genuina ("Genuina Farm"), now being run by the third generation of a family that feels unadulterated love for the land. Here in the countryside of Castelnuovo Vomano, the combination of wheat, oil and water gives rise to the natural expression of what is very much a symbol of Italy, right around the world: Pizza, with a proud capital "P".

Certified organic since 1996, the farm's produce makes the most of the natural fertility of the soil, which we exploit through very limited mechanical interventions, avoiding the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), while promoting the biodiversity of the environment. We devote a great deal of attention to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by our operations. Our laboratory was designed and constructed using heat-insulating materials, and on the top of it we have installed a photovoltaic plant and an LED lighting system. The laboratory is located in the heart of the farm, surrounded by the crops that provide the ingredients for our dough, which – together with the water of the Gran Sasso – is used to make Pizza Genuina. Our master pizza chef, Gianni Pompetti, winner of the Pizza in Pala (rectangular/square pizza) and Gluten-free Pizza World Championship, has conceived, designed and created – together with a team of pizza-industry engineers and technical professionals – a wealth of original and innovative solutions for the setting up of the laboratory and the construction of equipment geared towards ensuring the high quality of the finished product.

Indeed, consistent high quality is achieved thanks also to a system for the continuous control and monitoring of humidity and temperature, which flags up any variations. The original recipe put together by our master pizza chef, the use of highest-quality ingredients and the monitoring of the end-to-end processes, from leavening to storage, produce what is an unrivalled pizza base – a product that is as fragrant as if it had just come out of the oven. Speed, quality and taste…together at last.


1Receiving the ingredients

Arrival and inspection of the water, flour and olive oil.

2Water treatment

The water is purified in accordance with parameters and standards set out by the master pizza chef.

3Dough room

Here, the master pizza chef uses his original recipe: he weighs out the ingredients and mixes them according to his custom method. The room is equipped with an AHU or air-handling unit, with microfiltration of the air. If the air were impure, the dough would be less than perfect, thus compromising the product.

4Proving chamber

The chamber is at constant, controlled levels of temperature and humidity and is fitted with a 24-hour alarm system. The machinery used in this entire section has been designed by the master pizza chef to eliminate any trace of human error.


Manual kneading of the dough.

6Cooking room

The pizza gets lightly pre-cooked...


...and then immediately blast-chilled to preserve intact all of the properties and qualities of the dough.

8Packaging and sorting

The pizzas are packed individually, one-by-one, giving the greatest possible flexibility.

9Chiller chambers

In the laboratory, there are 2 different chiller chambers: a refrigeration chamber at +4° for the fresh base and a freezer chamber at -20° for the frozen base.
Our Pizza Genuina.

Natural goodness... ready to bake!

Where are we?
Via Carlo Pisacane, 564020
Castelnuovo Vomano (TE)
m. +39 389 6815178
m. +39 389 6815179
Mattia Di Battista
+39 345 9908871

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